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Hand Wound Guitar Pickups
For over 55 years Bob Harrison has been in and around the music business selling, repairing, innovating, designing and building music-related items.

One of the greatest accolades bestowed on me was the title "father of the art pup" ( art guitar pickup).   Examples of my richly-sculpted and hand-painted art pups are seen in the slide show:  the British flag , the Americana Stars and Bars, various pirate skulls, Art Deco, and other patriotic-themed guitar pickups.   Not only do they look good, they sound great.

My high-quality cigar box guitar pickups have their roots in the music and hard times of the American 1930’s era dust bowl and Mississippi Delta American blues.

My goal is simple.  I make 1930’s era guitar pickups that look and have the sound of the Mississippi Delta blues, like they arrived here via the Time Machine.  These pickups are finely-crafted with attention to detail and hand-wound to perfection, of a quality that musicians and collectors will enjoy for decades to come.

Electric Guitar Pickups

Custom Made Guitar Pickups

Custom Features

  • My pickups are scatterwound in the correct 42 AWG copper plain-enamel wire, resulting in outstanding clarity, extended dynamic range and overtones.
  • Alnico V (5) magnets and ceramic, depending on model.
  • All my bobbins are custom crafted from the best, most expensive high-density authentic 1930's-looking materials.
  • My materials includes Bakelite (1930’s type), canvas Micarta, and acrylic-stabilized walnut and other American hardwoods.  The stabilizing process I use is the same process used in high-quality kitchen cutlery wood handles.
  • I pot my pickups in a mixture of paraffin and bee’s wax alloy to prevent the microphonic effect.  For added Mojo the bee’s wax was collected from various locations on historic Route 66 and the paraffin was from my mother's 40-year-old canning stock and scented candles.
  • My copper-wound coils are hand-coated with clear epoxy for stunning good looks and maximum protection.  This gives me the best of both worlds:  wax-potted and epoxy-coated.

Harrison Guitar Pickups are hand wound and hand made electric guitar pickups by master craftsman, Bob Harrison. Harrison Guitar Pickups specializes in custom, made-to-order pick ups with a unique vintage look.